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About me


I am a 32 year old girl from Liverpool, who wants to spend the rest of her life capturing beautiful moments of peoples every day lives, that will last forever in images.

I don't stage my photos, for a few reasons. Firstly I find it really awkward, as do a lot of clients. Secondly I love photography so much because it captures a moment in time, that may be lost forever in our busy minds, if it wasn't frozen perfectly in that second. This leads me on to why I don't "photoshop" my work. I do some editing and enhancing, but I will never change how you look, after all that's who you are. I’m not going to make a beautiful voluptuous bride look like a size zero supermodel. That's not who your partner married, and that's not who your friends and family love. If that's what you're looking for I’m not your girl. You are you and that is your power, I don't agree with changing any of it.   

I chose my business name as it is one of my favourite sayings. My mum use to always say it to me when I was little. When I would do something I knew I shouldn't and claim I’d done it "accidentally" she'd always respond with a smile “Yeah? Accidentally on purpose?"
I like to think all my photos are just that. I'm there on purpose because you hired me, but I caught the moment by chance because it’s just life happening in front of my lens.

I hope you look back and remember how happy you were in that moment, and the looks you gave were real and pure, not staged for the perfect shot, but instead real life happening, captured at the perfect time.

There is a lot of negativity out there now telling people to put their cameras down and live in the moment, but one thing I've learnt through loss and through watching the people I love grow older is the importance of pictures. If you love it and it makes you happy capture it, one day it may be all you have to look back on.

And on that note, i can't wait to hear from you 

Daisy xx

family photographer


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Daisy Rumble
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this is what i love most about photographs. . . they're proof that once, even for just a heartbeat, everything was perfect!

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