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I have struggled all my life with reading, writing and finishing anything I start. 

I didn’t realise until I was a grown up that its because I’ve got a spicy brain. And the chaos and creativity that is

endless inside there, was down to having ADHD and dyslexia. 

When I told my real life fairy goddaughter Mila, that my heart would just grow when her baby brother arrived,

after her asking me if I'd love her less, with having to share my love, it just snowballed into the very first book in

my Tell Me Fairy Godmother series.

Now the reason I’m her (and many other littles) fairy godmother is because I don’t really have a faith, and whenever

I have been asked to be godmother in the past I don’t want to disrespect the role. The fact that I’m a little magic

too helps. So a fairy godmother I am to many. 

The character in this series rocks my scruffy bun, and is wearing jeans, a t-shirt and trainers, to represent that a

fairy godmother doesn’t have to have a big fancy gown and be picture perfect. A Fairy godmother can be anyone,

they just need to want the best for you and look out for you in life. 

When I first started out on this path, I began to panic that I want to do things my way. I didn’t want someone

altering my art to fit a box that I was never born to be in. There are rules that people to answer to when writing

children’s books, that someone else publishes for you and quite frankly I didn’t want to debate what I was so

passionate about. So instead of paying a publisher to tell me what I could and couldn't do or say, I BECAME ONE. 
Accidentally on Purpose Publishing was born. The name being a nod to my photography business name too, I’ve

explained more about that over on my photography page.

I don’t offer advice on how I got to where I am now being an author, because if there is an easy way I sure didn’t

take it, and I wouldn’t want to tell anyone that my way (a costly in both money and time way) was the right way, if it's not.
My illustrator is amazing. She lets me run wild with my ideas, and every last thing I imagine, describe and dream of she makes come to life. I use stick men drawings and a whole lot of words and colours and passion to explain how I want them to be, and she doesn’t miss a beat. She creates with her hands what I can only explain with words and I will always be eternally grateful I found her, and one day, when I make it big, she will have her own private island.

I feel representation matters, and because of this I have done something that I had never seen before. I repeat all my books again for the reader to colour in with their own skin tones and hair colour and that of the people in their lives. Along with adding their own names too. The first time I read it to a class on one of my school book tours, when reading the poem in the middle that explains this twist, a little boy shouted out in disbelief to me “WAIT!!!! DOES THIS MEAN I CAN COLOUR THAT CHILD BROWN?!?!?!?! LIKE ME?!?!?!?” while pointing to his own skin.
I have felt proud of countless moments in my life and many on this book journey alone, but this moment in particular was one that will stay with me forever. I’ve talked about it so many times since and I think about his happy face every time I read that middle rhyme.
As a straight, white, CIS, female I’ve never even thought let alone had to ask, if how I look and the body that I am in is acceptable. Even though I knew representation matters, that very moment right at the start of my author career was the most beautiful eye opener, letting me know for sure, that what I am doing MATTERS.

So many littles genuine and raw reactions have being what has got me through the hard late nights, writers blocks, editing, writing and rewriting and frustration and stress that comes with doing everything on my own in the way of making a book go from an idea to a physical product in peoples homes.
This started off as wanting to make my Mila feel loved and proud. It then grew into me being proud of myself and wanting to leave a legacy behind one day. Now I’m at the point where whatever happens in the future happens, but my main aim is to positively impact as many heads and hearts as I possibly can. 
I’m not a qualified professional child psychiatrist that can say exactly what my words will or won’t do to a little ones brain.
BUT, as a former child, who had a turbulent childhood only to have an even more turbulent grown-up-hood, I feel the words I pass on to the next generation and generations to come can only do good, because they are from the heart.

Success to me isn’t about money, power or status. Success to me is about how many lives I can positively impact during my time here on earth.
So with the reaction of what I have received so far, I'd count me and my spicy brain pretty successful.

The " Tell Me Fairy Godmother . . . " series are small stories about big feelings. 
Real questions, asked by my real life fairy goddaughter Mila.
Big topics that aren't always easy to make child friendly on the spot, in a rhyming age appropriate way.
This series is extra special as each book has the whole book repeated for the child to colour in with their own skin tones and hair colour and even space to replace the name with their own, so the littles can really see themselves in the story.

My goal for all my books is to make anyone and everybody feel included and accepted or “normal”. By educating the audience whether it does or doesn’t affect them directly. I hope to reduce bullying through understanding of other peoples circumstances. As I believe that bullying stems from a lack of understanding and ignorance to other peoples way of life. Whether that be culture, family, beliefs or financial status.

My message at its core is always positivity,  be it kindness, love or acceptance . . . and sometimes all three!
The books in this ever growing series, tackle big topics in a child-friendly way and are extra special as they give every child a chance to see themselves in the story and even include their own name, with extra pages to draw if they want to add some more themselves.
By an author who is proving you can chase your dreams and be anything you want to be, despite struggling with ADHD and dyslexia. Teaching children everywhere that THEY. ARE. LIMITLESS!!

Daisy Rumble xx

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